Organic Facial and Skin Therapies

Customized organic facial and skin therapies begin with a personalized evaluation of your specific skin care needs. Magda, your esthetician, will recommend a treatment designed to provide optimal results based upon your skin analysis.

Each therapy, prepared with organic products, will include a deep cleansing, exfoliation, vaporization, extraction (if needed), facial, neck, shoulder, and a hydrating hand massage.

Organic Classic Facial
Our moisturizing facial is preferred for most skin types. Your skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated with organic grape or apple seeds to remove dull surface skin cells. Then, enjoy a relaxing facial massage, followed with homemade organic fresh fruit, vegetable or dairy mask, and finish this rejuvenating treatment with a refreshing organic moisturizer. This treatment can be customized for oily, sensitive, dry or normal skin. 90 minutes.

Organic Deep Cleansing Facial
This facial treatment is specifically formulated to eliminate dead skin cells from your surface layer. For this 3-step process, Magda utilizes the exfoliating properties of wheat germ to remove the dead skin, then combines seven organic herbs to create a paste which, under steam, opens the pores in preparation for extraction or skin purification. After purification, this treatment is completed with a fresh organic vegetable mask specifically prepared with vitamin A, B, B1, B12, C, D, P and moistening ingredients. 90 minutes.

Organic Oily Skin Facial
Specifically created to eliminate the problem areas of oily skin such as the T-zone, chin and forehead. First, the face is cleansed, then exfoliated with organic sugar (sugar has an antibacterial function), a seven-mineral herb paste is prepared and placed on the face under steam in preparation for extraction. After purification, a homemade organic healing clay is applied for 20 minutes. 75 minutes.

Organic Dry Skin Facial 
Specifically created to eliminate the problem areas of dry skin. Wheat germ is combined with other organic products for exfoliation. After exfoliation, grape seed oil is used for the facial massage, then an oatmeal paste is applied under steam. A homemade moisturizing mask is applied for 20 minutes. This moisture-filled facial brings a glorious glow to the skin. 75 minutes.

Organic Acne Skin Facial
Gentle yet effective acne cleansing designed to remove redness, blemishes and acne. Homemade organic mask is prepared with ingredients to act as an antibiotic and disinfectant for large pores. 90 minutes.

Eye Mask
Give your tired eyes a boost and get rid of dark circles. This treatment involves a light exfoliation around the eyes, followed by a rich compress with fresh fruit juice. 30 minutes.

Hand Treatment
This treatment is designed for tired hands. First, an exfoliation with fruit seeds and fresh fruit juice. Then a relaxing massage with heated oil, finished with a rich dairy mask. 30 minutes.

Body Peel
For any type of skin. This organic body peel uses coffee and cinnamon among its ingredients that will relax your body and leave your skin healthier and smoother. 60 minutes.

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