Human Design Analysis

Human Design analysis is a profound insight into your life purpose and how to live the full expression of who you are. For the past 20 years, it been evolving into unique consciousness study and practice focused on psychological and spiritual development. Working with Human Design is a profound experience, not only in seeing and accepting yourself, but also in understanding how you can actualize your potential in your life. It will show you the best strategies for creating the life you were meant to live.

Based on a concept of a direct link between the timing of our birth and the activation of the specific qualities of our personal genetic code, Human Design provides a way for us to know if we are living our own lives or a conditioned life and what to do about it. This gives you a very deep understanding of your personal evolutionary intention for this life. Human Design knowledge helps you to live with less resistance, deeper self-acceptance, and greater effectiveness, happiness and peace.

The goal of every aspect of the Human Design System is to empower you to live life on your terms according to your own true nature, and to know what is right for you without depending upon anyone else.

Did you know...

If you are a Generator, you are pure energy! You are designed for action, but feeling stuck is a natural part of your growing process. Wait for clarity and your action will be deeply rewarded..

If you are a Manifestor, you are a powerful person who may experience life as a battlefield. Learn to inform others of your actions and watch your life become balanced and fulfilling.

If you are a Manifesting Generator, you are designed to take the essential steps and skip the non-essential ones. Balance your acting with waiting for clarity and become a powerhouse of efficiency.

If you are a Projector
, you are a natural networker, whose gift is to manage the energy of other people. When you trust in the silent magic of your chemistry, many great opportunities come your way.

If you are a Reflector, you are the rarest of the five types. Your unique perspective and your genuine reflections help people become more present and 100% authentic.

Using a direct link between the timing of our birth and the activation of the specific qualities of your personal genetic code, these sessions will guide you into profound understanding of your life purpose, health challenges, relationship patterns and money sequences. Divine Design sessions will help you generate high self-esteem and inner acceptance. They will teach you how to make decisions based on intuition (not out of fear or hurry) and transform your life long issues with ease, organization and vitality.
Practical Knowledge About Your Life Purpose and Success Strategy
This session will give you precise genetically encoded information about your unique goals and the way to achieve them. You will receive a transmission about your health goal, spirit purpose, and optimal career/occupation strategies.
Strategies for Successful Parenting
This session will reveal your family dynamics and teach you the best way to communicate with your children and spouses. It will make parenting a breeze and help you, your children and spouses enjoy being together 100%.
Relationships: How to Find, Marry and Live With Mr. or Mrs. Right
Learn how to attract and maintain loving relationships. Learn how to make commitments that support you and avoid promises that may ruin your life. Understand people in your life and experience the power of knowing how to deal with them. Create and maintain ideal relationships by eliminating over-reactions and break-ups.
Prosperity Through Simplicity Reading
Receive a special light transmission that reveals your genetic talent and your unique way of making money by doing what you love the most. This session will help you take initiative and bring your dreams into reality by turning your natural abilities into service for others and prosperity for you.

Divine Design Radio Interview
Synergetic work with Human Design and WaveMaker™
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