Be Smoke Free Now™

Most methods for quitting address only one component of the problem. The Be Smoke Free Now ™ program thoroughly addresses and eliminates all three areas of addiction at the cellular level – physical cravings, habitual behaviors and the psychological driving forces behind your compulsion to smoke. This method uses a new technology called WaveMaker™. No drugs are involved with this process, no medications or nicotine substitutes and no side effects.

WaveMaker™ works in a similar way as noise-canceling headsets.
With these headsets, environmental noise signals are picked up by a microphone, electronically inverted and sent to the ear at the same time as the original noise. The original signal perfectly matches its mirror image and is simply canceled out. It doesn’t just shield you from outside noise by insulating your ears. It actually cancels out acoustical noise as it reaches your ears.

Every molecule of matter emits an electromagnetic charge. WaveMaker actually cancels out the “noise” of nicotine’s electromagnetic field in the body, accelerating the nicotine detoxification process. It eliminates nicotine craving. It minimizes withdrawal symptoms so thoroughly that many people say they don’t experience any at all. WaveMaker eliminates both the physical and mental causes of nicotine addiction, and increase cell metabolic processes to maintain optimal body weight.

The Be Smoke Free Now™ Program combined WaveMaker with an intuitive approach, life coaching techniques, Quantum Touch energy work and color healing. It provides a simple, practical way to become a non-smoker with one 2.5-hour session and stay a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

For more information on WaveMaker technology, click here.

For more information on Be Smoke Free Now, click here.

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