Ayurveda is an ancient healing science that originated in India 5,000 years ago. It was originally developed to keep the royal families healthy and heal yogis after their austerities. Relevant and practical for today, Ayurvedic recognizes 10 metabolic body types, so all food, herbs, and therapies are geared to the individual.

Ayurveda strives to be gentle in all things, for treatments to be pleasant, and to utilize therapy with proper timing so as not to weaken the system or deplete energy needed for the healing process. Yet the treatments are very powerful in restoring the body’s balance. Ayurveda goes to the root of any problem, rather than just treating the surface symptoms. Because of this focus, seemingly unrelated health problems can be relieved.

Ayurvedic consultations consist of body-type assessment, evaluation of current imbalances, 32-point pulse analysis, and other observations. A healing program is then designed, including custom herbal formulas and botanical supports, nutrition, lifestyle and diet guidelines, gentle detoxification processes and recommendations of appropriate traditional Ayurvedic therapies

AyurBasics Program

Week 1

1st Consultation (1.5 hours - $150)
Intake, history, pulse diagnosis, prakruti (body-type) and vikruti (imbalance) assessment, basic suggestions, Step 1 detox, custom herbal formula.

Week 2
2nd Consultation (1 hour - $120)
Evaluate progress, Step 2 detox, introduction to dietary guidelines.

Week 3
3rd Consultation (1 hour - $120)
Evaluate progress, more dietary and lifestyle suggestions and support, stress reduction strategies, custom abyangha (self massage) oil, recipes.

On the AyurBasics Program, you will learn basic Ayurvedic concepts, gain a basic understanding of your health issues and healing strategy, begin a gentle detoxification and reawaken the body’s innate intelligence and vitality. By assessing your metabolic body type, you will have a foundational understanding of your inherent strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them. Many health issues will be cleared, or well on their way to being relieved on this
simple program.

Several adjunct therapies may be wonderfully appropriate at this time, including: massage, steams, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, various body and energetic works, yoga and Pranayama.

Intermediate AyurHealing Programs

One session per month, consultations as needed (1 hour - $120)
For continued support, deeper healing, chronic conditions and specific programs.

Intermediate Programs and Classes:
Prices will be determined per individual program

Guided Gentle Ayurvedic Cleansing Programs
14, 21 or 45 days. Individual or class.

Basic Ayurvedic Cooking and Food Preparation
Learn some basic Ayurvedic cooking theories, techniques and recipes to start experimenting and adding new super healing elements to you and your family’s diet.

Stress Reduction Program
Many powerful tools are available through Ayurveda for stress reduction including soothing, safe herbal supports, specific massage techniques, breathing techniques, supportive diet suggestions, and such therapies as shirodhara (warm medicated oil on forehead) which turns off all stress receptors in the body. Other services available through the center are important adjuncts such as yoga.

Weight Reduction Program
Studies and experience show that dieting destroys the metabolism, confuses the intelligence of the body, weakens vital force and causes weight to be added. Ayurveda provides a new perspective to balance the body back to its proper weight through greater care, deeper nourishment, igniting the digestive fire, resetting the metabolism and increasing the vital force.

Advanced AyurHealing Ayurvedic Programs

Panchakarma Detoxification - 3, 5 or 7 days
The true Ayurvedic Cleansing and rejuvenation program that will revolutionize your health on many levels - a sophisticated and comprehensive method that is gentle, balanced and powerful. The three-day program consists of 18 hours of therapy and includes luxurious massages and body therapies, steams, cleansings, special diet prepared for you, pre- and post-consultations.

Woman’s Post Trauma/Stress Recovery Program
For situations when the body has broken down due to prolonged stress, illness, post surgery, post-partum recovery. Extremely soothing, stress relieving, strengthening therapies designed to powerfully heal and rejuvenate weakened conditions.

Pain Management Program
An inter-disciplinary approach utilizing a custom program which may include:massage, heat or steam, Ayurvedic therapeutic poultice/compresses, acupuncture, herbs, medicated oils.

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