Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy can be used as a self-help tool by anyone to help soothe daily irritability, moodiness and stress of all kinds. These natural plant-based remedies are designed to support the body/mind in shifting to a more balanced state of being. For example, states of anger, fear, guilt, irritability, and depression can be eased by Bach Flower Remedies.

When a person is struggling with major changes in his/her life, these remedies can also support facing, moving into and adapting to the changes. And when the body (or spirit) has experienced a trauma or shock of some sort (physical or emotional), using these formulas can bring the body back into balance and support recovery. Typically, even a localized trauma creates a systemic or entire body response. The Bach Flower Remedies can help shift the body/mind from a state of shock, defensiveness or high alert back into a space more conducive for healing and recovery.

The Bach Flower Therapist assesses the needs of a client based on a psychological interview. The therapist then prepares a unique mixture of 1 – 7 flower remedies for the client to take, depending on his or her needs. Most commonly, only 2 – 4 remedies are used at one time. Progress is monitored on a weekly or monthly basis and the remedy is adjusted according to changes that have occurred during the period. When the client is feeling fine, Bach treatment is stopped.

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