Soul Retrieval

Throughout our lives, we experience things that are painful, confusing, traumatic, overwhelming or significant. In order to process/survive/endure these events, a part of our psyche/soul/energy field may need to separate from the whole for a time in order to protect itself. As we go through our own healing processes, we create opportunities to reunite with these separated parts of our self, which can help heal emotional wounds and integrate that energy/lifeforce back into our conscious existence.
Soul retrieval is one way to help reunite those pieces of ourselves that are ready for healing. Soul retrieval does not force this process; it works only with willing clients and willing aspects of their being that are ready for healing and reunion with the whole.

Soul retrieval is one tool for healing emotional wounds. It is recommended, but not required, that the client be seeing a health care practitioner, such as a counselor, psychologist, or energy healer, who can help with the further integration and processing of the soul retrieval, if that is required.

Soul retrieval can be the beginning of a healing journey; it can provide that final piece in a healing process when the client feels as though there is still something missing or left undone; and it can be one step in the middle of a healing journey.

Soul retrieval is a spiritual journey with specific guides who work with the practitioner. The client needs to be present during the journey. All that is experienced in the journey is shared with the client and is recorded so the client can review the information after the session. The reunion is completed with a simple ceremony and energy balancing. The session usually takes 1.5 hours.

A follow-up session is required to solidify the client's healing process. This session usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Further energy work is available if there is additional healing that is required. Clients are encouraged to share this process/experience with those they are working with in their healing process (i.e. psychologist, counselor, energy healer, physician), so the continued integration of this part of themselves can become fully manifest and whole.

Soul Retrieval Consultation
If you have questions about whether a soul retrieval is appropriate for you, you can schedule a half hour consultation. In this session, you and the practitioner will discuss your specific situation. Then the practitioner will do some energy balancing and evaluation in order to make a recommendation about whether soul retrieval would be helpful at that time.

If you decide to schedule a soul retrieval, your soul retrieval session will most likely take less time and your fee will be adjusted accordingly.

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