Lana Pritzker, MEd

Certified Life Coach and WaveMaker™
Human Design and Venus Sequence Intuitive Guide
Certified Quantum Touch™ Practitioner
Be Smoke Free Now™ Practitioner
Certified Nia™ and Zumba™ Instructor

Healing Modalities:
WaveMaker™ Energy work, Human Design and Venus Sequence Guidance, Smoking Cessation, ADD Success Coaching

About Lana:
Lana Pritzker has been practicing in the United States, leading community programs and transformational seminars, since 1989. International Wellness Consultant and Certified Life Coach, Lana holds a Master Degree in Education from University of Illinois. She is certified in Human Software Engineering™, Optimum Health, and Nia™ Fitness. Lana’s work is a unique blend of synergetic solutions to seemingly insolvable problems, such as addictions, ADD, emotional traumas, and painful sensations. She helps people discover and enjoy a whole new lifestyle according to their personal design in which health and success become natural state of being.

Lana is a reflector by design. Her unique ability to mirror her clients’ personal traits and connect them to their own inner knowing creates an experience of synchronicity and healing. Lana’s tools are based on ancient knowledge yet they have been created for 21st century and beyond. They allow for fast, profound transformation within hours.

“I am grateful for my spiritual guides that have connected me to the Universal Mind and Heart. My incarnation cross (life purpose) is the cross of prevention, so I am grateful to my ability to intuitively choose the best, most effective tool from my tool box to assist people in making the change. What I do is a transmission that transforms shadows of your conditioning into light, gifts, and miracles of who you really are.”

Working with Lana changes people at the cellular level, which is very different from talking about, becoming aware, intending for or willing your desires into reality. Meeting her mentors, Tom Stone of Great Life Technologies, CA and Richard Rudd, GeneKeys, UK and adopting WaveMaker and Venus Sequence concepts in her practice have powerfully transformed her life and created an opportunity for her to share the path of profound transformation with others.

Here is what Lana’s clients report after working with her:

“At that time my biggest problem was: sickness of life. I was never happy, I had constant depressions, and what was scaring my parents - I wanted to die. When we started our session, Lana sent me back to my childhood (I was not hypnotized) and we found some problems that we were able to get rid of. The session lasted about 1 to 2 hours and after that I felt a lot better about myself. I forgot the last time I had a depression and I definitely don't want to die anymore.”
D. Jerusalimsky, programmer, San Francisco

“Although many people see me as a friendly and sociable person, I see myself as also having an introspective side that is very private and reserved. During my work with Lana and the Wavemaker, I have been able to open up and become aware of emotional blockages that have been bothering me for a while and get rid of them.
Lana has also helped me become more aware of what my body is saying to me. I have always had a strong sensitivity to certain foods (wheat, dairy) and with the work of the Wave-maker I feel I have improved my tolerance of these foods. Also, I have had a problem feeling a burning heat in my face or neck. Whether the source of this problem was physical or emotional, I don’t know, but by working with Lana and the Wavemaker the problem cleared up! I recommend this treatment to everyone!
Thank you, Lana!”
Ronna Weinstock, teacher, Chicago

“Working with Coach Lana and the incredible WaveMaker has made an enormous difference to many levels of my life. In just one session my fears of public speaking (a major fear for many people) were reduced to the extent that I was able to speak with confidence and enjoy it! Lana is a gifted and powerful coach, with abilities of insight and integrity she inspires her clients to rise to new levels of expression.”
Tia Carr Williams, OH

Lana loves skiing, diving, painting and spends time exploring art galleries, and going to the theater with her grown-up children and husband, a constant inspiration for extreme and wild adventures. She loves life and is passionate about helping people to enjoy it to the fullest.

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