Anne Schiff, ACSW, LCSW

BA in Sociology; MA in Social Work

ACSW; LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Healing modalities:
Social work, psychotherapy

About Anne:
Anne has over 30 years in the field, in both the public and private sectors, and offers adult clients a positive, nurturing psychotherapeutic experience. She has developed and led women’s support groups, eating disorder/body image groups, empowerment groups and therapy groups to help people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other emotional traumas including sex abuse and domestic violence. In addition, she has lectured extensively on the therapeutic value of humor.

I offer adult clients a positive nurturing psychotherapeutic experience. I specialize in individual treatment but will meet with couples or families when appropriate. My approach is eclectic— psychodynamic, supportive and insight-oriented, ever mindful of the mind/body intricacies.

I engage clients in a verbal exchange, where they are gently encouraged to give voice to their feelings. I help them understand the underlying causes, the reasons for their responses, and offer various ways to alleviate their emotional distress in a safe, non-threatening environment. This approach can be very effective in treating issues of unrelenting sadness, anxiety, grief, guilt, anger, indecision, low self-esteem, and feelings of loss of control.

Understanding that painful emotions lodge themselves in the body and spirit as well as the psyche, I will work with other practitioners to provide clients with a mult-faceted, holistic healing experience.

The mind/body connection is powerful. I therefore urge people to consider a combination of appropriate alternative modalities in pursuit of health and well-being. The ultimate goals are stress reduction, improved coping skills, and enhanced emotional, social, physical, and psychological functioning. Above, all, I believe in the therapeutic value of humor, and encourage people to reconnect with those individuals and situations that bring laughter to their lives.

The therapeutic relationship is a partnership in which the client, with my assistance, actively works toward self-determination. Emotional healing and strengthening occur in the context of a trusting, consistent and reliable client/therapist alliance. Seeking counsel when one is under duress can often be a daunting experience. It is then when one is most vulnerable. I therefore believe that it is imperative, as a practicing clinician, to treat people with compassion and respect.

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