Cord Cutting Workshop
Kathleen Rude
Monday, April 19
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Investment: $25
Registration required

Clear and remove the unhealthy energetic connections you have to people in your life with whom your relationship is no longer healthy or appropriate.

Cords are energy connections that develop between people, between people and objects, and between people and places. Depending on the nature of the relationship, this exchange can be empowering and healing or it can be depleting and damaging. Cords and their impacts are not restricted by distance or time, so you could be affected by a connection with a person who lives far away, someone from childhood or a person who is no longer living. Cording can cause illness and addictive behaviors, harmful thought patterns, and the inability to terminate harmful relationships. You can lose a part of your soul essence through inappropriate cording. All of us are affected by unhealthy connections and can benefit from their removal.

Uncording — the cutting of cords that no longer serve — is a powerful healing experience that can free you from unhealthy patterns, behaviors and relationships. Learn how to work with the uncording process in a safe, effective and loving way. Explore ways to ground and protect yourself and to connect with helping spirits. Learn how to cut cords, heal the wounds and embrace the blessings, as well as how to keep yourself free of unwanted connections. No experience necessary, although familiarity with journeying is helpful.

Bring a rattle (preferred) or drum, notebook and pen.

Kathleen Rude is an environmentalist, shamanic healer, ceremonial leader, musician and dancer who fosters opportunities for connecting to ones sacred spirituality and to the natural world in which we live.

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