Light Body Activation and Crystal Bowls Healing
Lana Pritzker, MEd, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Friday, May 21
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Investment: $15
Registration required
To register, e-mail

Crystal Bowls Sound Healing sessions are an expedient process of simultaneous assessing and releasing the negatively encoded memories, pain and energetic blocks from the cells and fields of your body and uplifting your energy and spirit.  It helps to cancel self-doubts and self-sabotage and increases happiness, prosperity and the restoration of the healthy flow of energy and information in your body.

I love this work and I am blessed with being able to offer it to you. Being a Matrix Energetics Master practitioner, I assist this group in installing and activating new energetic templates with Matrix Energetics tools and personal Body Bowls that I brought from Nepal.

Encoded in your genes is your personal Spirit contracts that help you move forward on your evolutionary path. This session will help you recognize and appreciate your potential and help you move forward with ease and grace.

Supported by the pure tones of the Crystal and Tibetan bowls as well as the ME Energy grid set by Yury and Svetlana, you will spiritually expand while deepening your experience within the realm of healing, balancing and relaxation. Enjoy more vibrancy, mental focus, and connection to your inner guidance and Oneness.

Lana Pritzker, M.Ed., is certified in many ancient and modern modalities such as Crystal Healing, Genetic Sequencing, Matrix Energetics and WaveMaker. She is a light channel that helps you receive a unique blend of synergetic solutions to seemengly "insolvable" issues. She guides people into inner knowing, synchronicity & fast profound transformation at every level.

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