Light Body and Thai Experience
Opening your body, mind and spirit potential with Gene Keys

Lana Pritzker & Korey Nau
Sunday, May 16
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Investment: $25
Registration required.

Every one of us had a moment when we felt small, unsafe and unworthy. These moments were encoded in our cells to remind us about these unfortunate events and protect us from future occurrences. Regrettably, these states often rule our lives today, even though the original events are in the past. Our decisions based on the misfortunes of the past still affect us in the present, making us vulnerable to our own beliefs that we use to defend our loneliness, isolation or even aggression. This workshop will help you experience an ease and beauty of energy moving within your body and access a vast Matrix of light within. Led by competent experienced facilitators Svetlana Pritzker and Korey Nau, you will have an opportunity to shake life long tensions and open new doors for happiness and oneness within, and with others.

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