Matrix Energetics Practice Sessions
Fast profound transformation in the field of all possibilities
Lana Pritzker, MEd, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Wednesday, April 28
Wednesday, May 26
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Investment: Free. $10 - $15 donations welcome.
Registration required.
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What is Matrix Energetics?
Matrix is a morphic field that is all there is. Connecting to Matrix Energetics helps awakening your ability to know and celebrate your dreams, enjoy vibrant health, and create loving relationships.

During our 1-hour group practice session, you will improve your ability to enter the Matrix, a Source, a Zero Point Energy Field, where you can access your own intuitive insights and relax into the state of all possibilities. Lana will guide your through the process and facilitate this experience. She will help you open your own channel of light energy and tap into your highest potential that is an integration of both your spirit and Earth matter. This group experience will enrich your life with remarkable energy and manifestations.

What to Expect:
Matrix Energetics is magical and profound space that can be accessed easier without any expectations. From my experience, private or group sessions usually deliver an experience of a deep relaxation and energy balance. Such equibrium promotes deep cellular release of stress and tension held in the body/mind/spirit system. You would be fully present and able to see, feel , move and talk during this experience, but your body will be continuously relaxing and integrating deeper and deeper waves of the light energy through out Matrix Energetics session and beyond.

About These Practice Sessions:
These sessions provide a playground for new people and a practice session for all those who have attended the Matrix Energetics seminar led by Master Practitioner Svetlana (Lana) Pritzker.

Each session involves a short forum, practice opportunities for seminar participants, as well as mini ME sessions to help new people feel how the Matrix energy moves through their body and their lives.

Note from Lana: If you are inspired to share your passion for Matrix Energetics, please invite your friends and family to come to this workshop. I will be happy to offer my mini-sessions to help them feel the Matrix energy for themselves.

Lana Pritzker, M.Ed., is certified in many ancient and modern modalities such as Crystal Healing, Genetic Sequencing, Matrix Energetics and WaveMaker. She is a light channel that helps you receive a unique blend of synergetic solutions to seemengly "insolvable" issues. She guides people into inner knowing, synchronicity & fast profound transformation at every level.

For more information, you can contact Lana at 847.414.3730 or at

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