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New Moon Circle for Women
Kathleen Rude
Wednesday, April 14
Wednesday, May 12
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Investment: $20 per session
Registration required

An opportunity for women to gather in sacred circle to reconnect with the empowering energies of Grandmother Moon and the natural world.

The New Moon Circle is open to all women. You can join at any time. Each month, we will explore the energy of that particular new moon as it relates to the natural and spiritual messages of the seasons. The circle provides a loving space for the sharing of personal experiences, ritual, journeying and setting intentions. This will be a time for women to gather and share, to indulge fully in women’s energy, and to apply this wisdom to bring love, balance and healing to ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, all of our relations, the planet.

In the lunar cycle, the new moon is a time of looking inward, nurturing yourself, planting seeds and setting intentions.

Kathleen Rude leads the circle. She is an environmentalist, shamanic healer, ceremonial leader, musician and dancer who fosters opportunities for connecting to the sacred feminine, women’s spirituality and to the natural world in which we live.

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