You Are The Light: Thai Experience of Merging
Lana Pritzker, MEd, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Sunday, April 18
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Investment: $25
Registration required
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Thai Yoga and Meditation experience (no partners required).

This is a mystical yet practical experience, exploration and expansion of your Spiritual power . Through group and partner body work and nurturing that heals, strengthen and illuminate both your light and your physical body and learn to be present, communicate clearly and experience high states of awareness that help you become better Matrix Energetics practitioners.

You will learn easy to follow Thai Yoga movements that activate your flow of energy and release blockages to most effectively work with yourself and others.

We will spend time consciously breathing to support you in stress reduction. We will also experience vitality increase naturally occurring during energy exchange and guided meditations.

Join us for an experience of loving kindness, gentle touch and integration of healthy energy flow using the ancient wisdom of I-Ching, your body wisdom and the wisdom of your Soul connecting to Matrix Energetics.

Lana Pritzker, M.Ed., is certified in many ancient and modern modalities such as Crystal Healing, Genetic Sequencing, Matrix Energetics and WaveMaker. She is a light channel that helps you receive a unique blend of synergetic solutions to seemengly "insolvable" issues. She guides people into inner knowing, synchronicity & fast profound transformation at every level.

To learn more about Lana, please go to her website at

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