Alyce Sorokie

Colon Hydro Therapist
Alyce Sorokie began her career years ago as a colon therapist (1986) and nutritional educator (BS Nutrition), spending the majority of these years studying mind-body therapies and philosophies. She is the founder and director of Partners In Wellness, a natural health center established in Lincoln Park in 1990. In 1999 she became the creator of the Belly Buddy (TM), an aromatic pillow designed to encourage relief of digestive complaints. She authored the book “Gut Wisdom: Understanding and Improving Your Digestive Health (Career Press, 2004) and she is the creator of the Gut Wisdom Detox.

In addition to other modalities that focus on the body’s wisdom to heal, Alyce now offers TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and is a certified TRE Provider. Alyce is passionate about teaching people to learn to listen to their bodies and empowering them to make choices that are more health minded and release what no longer serves them.

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And Coming Soon: The Alchemy of Release. – A 4 week on line class launching in March.

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