Ania’s priority is to help clients feel more comfortable both in their skin and with their routines by providing a comfortable, approachable, and informative experience with education at the center of her practice. She strongly believes by understanding and listening to our skin, and treating it with kind, healing ingredients, we can unlock the code to our overall health and wellbeing.

Ania hopes to provide a safe space for clients to obtain their goals, and prides herself on her calming energy that can be felt throughout her various techniques in the spa.

Outside of Our Center Ania enjoys spending time in her lovely home hanging out with her children Vicky, Vivy and David and exploring all her Naperville neighborhood has to offer.

With 4 years of experience in treating a variety of skin types and skin conditions.

Ania specializes in inflammatory skin conditions such as acne management, rosacea with an emphasis on barrier integrity, sensitive skin clients and anti-aging. Ania’s practice is rooted in consistent skin support year round through seasonal changes of a year as well as our own. Her goal is to create a results-oriented treatment plan while prioritizing relaxation in the treatment room.

Ania: “Every single Treatment is customized to you and your skin needs as we all are very special and our skin condition is based on various Factors. Same person can go through seasonal changes in skin between dehydration and feeling dry over a winter with our Lovely Windy City climate; to being congested and packed over Summer where heat waves come implementing humid days. We also may be on different medications or have hormonal changes.

The key to healthy skin is to Find a Balance between oil and water. Let’s also not forget about our nutrition, diet and physical activity! We are what we eat! Every Cell needs oxygen, water and nutrients to be healthy! And we are built from 37.2 trillion cells!“

Services provided :


-lymphatic drainage

-Gua Sha

-hydro facial


-full body wax

-lash extensions lash lift and tint

-brow shaping and tint

-body treatments

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