Anthony Ola

Protective Awareness

Anthony’s motivation in self-defense/protective awareness initiatives are deeply rooted in his beliefs; one example is every person has the right to learn how to defend and live freedoms of life, family, and friends. To exercise this, he began teaching self-defense seminars in 2008 and offering them ever since. The elements of the curriculum are composed of his life experiences.

His interest starting during his undergrad at Purdue University where he began training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, a traditional Japanese martial art referred to as a koryu art (training in the preserved old style of Japan). Through his involvement in Bujinkan he was provided the opportunity to teach U.S. military personnel in Close Quarter Combat. In his professional life he spent a short time as a police officer in IL before he moved to Portland, OR for a different career. Now back in IL, he currently works for a fintech company as a director of a department. On the side he continues to teach Bujinkan classes and self-defense seminars.

  • -20 years training Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
  • -Former police officer and instructor of Close Quarter Combat to US military
  • -12 years teaching self-defense seminars
  • -31 years as an older brother to 3 sisters

Class Curriculum (high level):
The class will cover basic safety and defensive skills from situational awareness to threat levels and
response. Exercises will consist of non-physical techniques on how to use your presence and voice as
deterrents. Physical techniques will also be integrated that will range from defense against various
attacks. True case studies from Anthony’s personal experiences in threat assessment will provide
discussion points on natural intuition through sensory triggers, awareness of environmental red flags.

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