Antonia Callas

Full Moon Healing Ceremonies

About Antonia:
Antonia Callas is a writer, dancer and wolf woman. She holds Full Moon Healing Ceremonies that draw inspiration from ancient sacred circles and serve as a powerful way to reconnect with our authentic selves and with community. Through her work, Antonia hopes to inspire depth, creativity, and connection, so that we can live our one, wild precious life to the fullest. As a facilitator, she is the founder of a Chicago-based group dedicated to finding authentic connection and recovering the wild instinct through the book Women Who Run with the Wolves.

She has studied with healers and shamans such as Lena Stevens, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jose Miguel Ruiz, and Maria Lezniak, among others. A lifelong creative and empath, she continuously walks her own healing path and finds great solace in the natural world.

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