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Chinese Medicine Park Ridge, IL

Traditional Chinese Medicine Park Ridge is a comprehensive practice of medicine that has been used to identify, treat and prevent illness for more than 2,000 years! While it can relieve illnesses and improve a patient’s states of mind, Chinese medicine can also boost the body’s recuperative abilities, immunity system and the capacity to experience pleasure and express creativity. Within the Chinese medicine modality is the fundamental notion that all life forms in the world are founded upon yin and yang – two different energies. When yin and yang are in harmony with each other, it promotes wellness. When the energies are not in harmony with each other, the result can be poor health and illness. The basic strategy of Chinese Medicine Park Ridge is to establish harmony and stimulate wellness.

Chinese Medicine Park Ridge, IL

Each individual may be compared to a garden, where practitioner and patient both aim to achieve a state of wellness. Each person is a distinct canvas to be studied, a strong but also sensitive ecosystem that is to be sustained in harmony. Just as a gardener applies irrigation and fertilizer to help grow healthy plants, a Chinese medical practitioner utilizes modalities such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage therapy, cupping and more to restore and sustain good health.

In contrast to Western medicine, which has a concentration on biochemistry and upon the physical and structural integrity of the body’s organs, Chinese Medicine Park Ridge places a focus on the energies – known as the Qi – that provides the body with its life force. This also includes the energies produced by thought and emotion. All illnesses are viewed as a result of issues such as congestion or blockage of Qi, which can have an impact on blood circulation. This energy is within the body’s pathways also known as meridians.

Chinese Medicine Park Ridge – Healing Modalities

Acupuncture. Perhaps among the most widely recognized modalities of Chinese Medicine Park Ridge, acupuncture is an effective technique where the practitioners uses very thin needles to stimulate particular points on the patient’s body. It can be very effective for treating a variety of issues from joint pain and arthritis to headaches or high blood pressure.

Energetic healing. This is a general term that can include modalities like reiki, EFT, healing touch and more. These varying strategies are all founded on the knowledge that the body is fueled by energy. Herbal remedies also comprise a significant part of Chinese Medicine Park Ridge. Western medications generally address symptoms but may not change the illness. As an example, antibiotics can rid the body’s system of bacteria but won’t improve the body’s ability to resist infection. Chinese herbal remedies are a treatment for underlying conditions as defined by energetic diagnosis. There are herbal remedies that give nourishment to the Qi energy.

Massage therapy. Massage is among the oldest and most simple forms of therapy. Basically, it is based on applying pressure to and kneading various areas of the body for pain relief, relaxation, stimulation and give tone to the body. While massage creates a pleasing sensation for the skin, it also relates to the muscles, tendons and ligaments to enhance tone. Benefits of massage therapy can also reach deeper layers of muscle tissue and potentially even the organs. Massage stimulates blood flow and the lymphatic system helping to improve waste elimination throughout the whole body.

Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese practice, which is a healing art form that utilizes energy by directing it through the body through the “laying on of hands”. The term reiki stems from two Japanese words: rei, which means a higher power, and ki, which means life energy. Informally translated, the definition of reiki is universal life force energy.

These are just a few of the modalities of Chinese Medicine Park Ridge. Contact the North Shore Healing Centre to learn more!