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★ DreamCatcher Native American Flute Meditation is a melodic Earth-based multi-media journey by Preston Klik. Lie down, close your eyes, and drift away for an hour. You will be transported by the beautiful organic sounds of Native American flutes, crystal bowls, nature recordings, the scent of Palo Santo, plus natural & abstract video imagery. DreamCatcher is not a concert, but a musical meditation.
★ Come, dream-journey with us, engage your imagination by taking a vacation to the lush forests and flowering plains. Put down roots in fertile soil even as your spirit soars on high-winds like an eagle. Commune with your Nature, allowing the GREAT SPIRIT to restore centering, balance, and psycho-spiritual health to your body and heart-mind.
★ DreamCatcher INFO= www.thekliks.com/#!dreamcatcher/c1m0c
★ DreamCatcher MUSIC SAMPLE= http://youtu.be/2n2ZvKMuJxM

• doors 7pm, start at 7:30, end at 9
• $25 advance / $30 @ door
• some mats, cushions, pillows, eyemasks will be provided
• Questions? 847-588-0370; www.nshealing.com