Freedom | Summer Solstice Overnight Awakenings Sound Bath Meditation

Freedom | Summer Solstice Overnight Awakenings Sound Bath Meditation

Freedom | Summer Solstice Overnight Awakenings Sound Bath Meditation
Saturday, June 17th & 18th 
8:00PM-7:00AM next morning
This unique overnight “Freedom” event taking place right around the Summer Solstice, and coinciding with a new moon, is geared toward recognizing the vast spectrum of possibilities and opportunities available to us on multiple levels at any time.Set in a beautiful healing environment we will provide the opportunity for a complete recharge and the raising of your awareness toward mobilizing your inner resources to inner healing and evolution. Experience a profound mindfulness meditation and sound therapy event while “bathing” in the soothing sounds of gongs and other instruments for 10 hours in a space infused with the spirit and intention for healing. Boost your vibrational frequency as Gaby and Marian present you with a wonderfully powerful opportunity to profoundly relax and re-vitalize in this overnight event

Benefits of instrumental sounds are known to shift neurochemistry and neurobiology in a profound and unprecedented way
Why does a baby’s cry instantly flood a mother’s body with a myriad of stress hormones? How can a song on the radio stir up powerful emotions, from joy to anger, regret to desire? Why does sound itself evoke such primal and deeply felt emotions? Sound is a vibration that travels through air, water, and solids and therefore through the human body. Sound has the capacity to shift neurochemistry and neurobiology in a profound and unprecedented way as a therapeutic tool as well as a technique to unleash human potential. It’s produced by all matter and is a fundamental part of survival for every species because our brains are wired to immediately shift in response to sound. Yet there is a hidden power within sound that has only begun to be investigated.

Experience first hand the powerful healing effects of the sound of gongs, didgeridoo, handpan, drums and more in the sequence of this unique event.

During the 1st part of our transformational Overnight Awakenings event we will share thoughts, reflections and insights on the healing properties of sound and how sound and intention can contribute to one’s personal Transcendence of the ordinary.

Participants will take part in a practical and participatory introduction, workshop and ceremony featuring a subject specific presentation, meditation and intention setting.

The 2nd part featuring the sound element of the Delamora Overnight Awakenings Experience, will begin around 10:00 pm with a guided meditation. The sound bath featuring live gong sounds will be provided by Marian and Gabriela for 8 continuous hours on 5 large gongs and other sound instruments to end at 6:00 on Sunday morning, followed by a brief forum and group photo to conclude at around 6:30 am.

Included are: refreshments consisting of fruits, nuts, cheese, crackers, dips and cookies, as well as beverages (water, coffee and tea) which will be available throughout the event.

We are very excited to hold this “Overnight Awakenings” event at the wonderful North Shore Healing Center’s very unique spacious healing room. Please note the doors will open at 7:30 and we will begin at 8:00 pm.

The only pre-requisite for participation in this unique event is to be open-minded, give yourself permission to relax, to “drift in and out” throughout the night (it is not required to stay awake all night), and to allow sound, vibration, harmonics and the unique space to serve as a psycho-acoustic gateway to a meditative and transformative inner dimension and heightened states of consciousness.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow, mat, fur, mattress (small please) and blanket. Personal journals, crystals and other artifacts are optional and welcome. You can learn more about the positive characteristics of vibration or dive into the fascinating field of Cymatics. Make also sure to view the Gong Movie. In addition, we have addressed many common questions in our FAQ section. Experience a guided meditation coupled with strong sound healing elements at its finest. If you wish, find out more about us here:

Investment: $189

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Jun 17 - 18 2023


8:00 pm - 7:00 am
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