Full Moon Brotherhood Circle

Full Moon Brotherhood Circle

To create the space for men to connect with themselves and each other through breath, movement, carefully articulated honest speech, prayer and song.
To create the space for men to connect with their radical authenticity, with their deepest essence and their true nature: The Scared Force of Life.
To create the space for men where all of our selves are welcome, for the embodiment of Love, Freedom, Safety and Truth.
Container Agreements
– I respect the privacy of myself, my brothers and our process. I will not share personal information about another man and his process outside the circle.
-I speak for myself and no one else.
-I listen to my brother and give him my full attention when he is expressing himself.
– I ask my brother before sharing feedback/reflections about his process and before touching him.
Ceremony Flow
– Sacred silence, smudge, enter the circle, eye contact, acknowledgement of ourselves and our brothers.
-Quick exercise to drop out of the mind and into the body/heart.
-Introduction to the space, setting of the intention, reading of the container agreements.
-A brief sharing about the current moon and the astrological significant of the present cycle.
Round Two- Dropping In
-5 minute music and meditation
-The opportunity for any man to check in further. This is the space for a man to express his truth, whatever is in his heart. He may clear a charge, ask to be witnessed in any expression, or ask to be supported by the circle in any way.
Round Three- Ritual Connection
– Each moon will have a different activity of ritual connection. We have a variety of different facilitators and modalities to chose from. One moon we may do sound journey, another moon we may do martial arts or ritual combat, a drum circle, a dance workshop, yoga, chanting, etc.
Round Four- Closing
-Every man has the opportunity to check out, share how he is feeling, express gratitude, and set an intention/accountability stretch for next moon cycle. Support will be available on the full moon brotherhood facebook group/signal group chat.
-everyone helps put the space back together
-Health focused potluck, tea/snacks/etc
Paul “Apostoli” Grosso- a multi-instrumentalist student of the teachings of shamanism. He brings together music and plant medicines with movement to empower people to live their best lives and let go of whatever is not serving them.
Luke “Mungo” Warner- a Landmark graduate committed to the healing path. Currently training in breathwork, functional movement and various other healing arts. With a natural ability to connect with people and hold space during emotional processes of various emotional ranges. Interested in community building and conscious education. A multifaceted human rooted in love and truth.
Alexander “Lez” Trifecta- a firekeeper Vision Quester, drummer, song-carrier, and student of the magic of the Good and Holy Mother Earth. He has apprenticed under many teachers and prayed in many circles. He embodies the Spirit of the Student. His commitment is to the Living Spirit of God within him, the channel of Divine Truth and the Flow of Unconditional Love. His soul card is VIII Cups.
$10-$20 Suggested Donation
No one turned away, everyone welcome!


May 07 2022


2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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