Introductory talk and book signing by Colin P. Sisson

Introductory talk and book signing by Colin P. Sisson

Introductory talk and book signing  by Colin P.Sission  from New Zealand – founder of Breath Integration and Integrative Presence.
“Every crisis carries the seed of our awakening. When we go and meet that, what is left is love. Fear is your best friend; it is not your enemy. You can use it to your advantage!” — Colin P. Sisson BREATH INTEGRATION is a natural process using conscious breathing and being fully present with limiting beliefs, fearful emotions and physical tensions in the body that hold past suppressed fears in the form of resistance. It was found by an internationally recognized inspirational writer, speaker and seminar leader on conscious living Colin P. Sisson from New Zealand. Inner Observation and Self Responsibility are the primary principles and foundation of Breath Integration. It is a gentle yet potent method that facilitates deep presence, full mind-body integration and true awareness and awakening. Who is Breath Integration for? It is a safe, easy to learn practice that anyone can adopt for themselves during time of crisis and stress while just enjoying the moment without beliefs, dogma or conditions. It is recommended for everyone who is: – stressed and overwhelmed – struggling with past traumas – feeling powerless, or controlled by others – looking for peace of mind – looking for inspiration – on one’s path to self discovery – searching for “something more” How does Breath Integration work? Awareness of the present moment that release all resistance allows all fears to drop from the body. Fear can only be held in the body by resistance and resistance cannot exist in the true here and now. As the body releases its fear, so too are the emotions and mental stresses release. This leads to opening our whole being; connecting with creativity, inspiration and intuition. It is our destiny to discover all that we are and our unlimited potential. What is a Breathing Session? Breathing Session it’s a practice of being presence with assistance of highly trained and experience BI Practitioner. It’s a process of Self-exploration that helps to deal with challenges that life throws at us. During this time you will have a chance to look closer at your own motives and blockages, as well as learn to practice mindfulness on daily basis.
“Breath Integration and Integrative Presence is being present with the truth of this moment whatever it is.” — Colin P. Sisson
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Aug 07 2019


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