Once a month candlelight session

Once a month candlelight session

Sunday, March 5th 3-430PM
Once a month candlelight session:
Gentle sound of singing bowls to help you relax deeper.Few restorative poses and breath exercises to channel prana .

Long guided savasana to balance left and right side of the brain to experience pure state of being.

Silent sit at the end.

❤︎︎ Sunday March 5th ❤︎︎

༆ sᴘᴀᴄᴇ ʟɪᴍɪᴛᴇᴅ༆

Guided Savasana also known as Yoga Nidra is an immensely powerful technique that takes practitioner through the Pancha Maya Kosha ( five layers of being / reality) to quiet the wave brains by disengagement from thoughts in order to experience the true state of BEING. Through the practice we trigger the relaxation response and the relaxation response balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, left and right brain , ida and pingala channels.
In the process the brain will shift from Beta ( awake state with lots of brain activity) to Alpha state where mood regulating hormone Serotonin gets released which calms the mind . From Alpha we move deeper into Theta brain wave state . In this state our thoughts slow down 4-8 per second. Many refer to this state as a state of clearly and ” Aha moments ” , also in this state emotional integration happens and structures in the brain begin to change. It’s also a state when we begin to enter gap of nothingness , or experience of oneness with all existence.
From this state we move deeper into a Delta state. Here with only 1-4 thoughts per second we enter most restorative state in which the organs regenerate and the stress hormone cortisol is removed from the system.
45 min of yogic sleep or savasana is like 3 hours of good sleep.
It’s different than hypnosis . In hypnosis the left side of the brain quiets down while right side activates. In savasana both sides of the brain begin to synchronize and simultaneously, symmetrically operate from the state of oneness .

Register in Advance as space is limited.

Sunday March 5th
3-4:30 PM

35$ in advance
40$ drop in


Mar 05 2023


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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