Overtone Teaching Sound Healing Ceremony

Overtone Teaching Sound Healing Ceremony

Overtone Teaching Sound Healing Ceremony with Paul Grosso.
Sunday, December 4th 5-630PM
Overtone Singing is an ancient technique that enables a singer to produce 2 or more sounds simultaneously with his or her voice.Overtone singing has been discovered to have many therapeutic applications. Perhaps the most obvious of these is the hypnotic, trance-like effect they have both on the listener and the performer. This effect, essentially a form of deep meditation, relieves stress, balances and clears the chakras (energy centers of the body), and creates a feeling of lightness and well-being. The sound of overtones helps to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, as it engages both the logical, reasoning left-brain, due to the mathematically precise proportions of the overtone scale, and the creative, intuitive right brain through the musical expression possible once one has become proficient in the technique.

The harmonic ratios found on the overtone scale are, found throughout Nature, and reflect the natural structure of all life on Earth. We human beings are no exception. When listening to or creating overtones, we begin to resonate in harmony with these primordial vibrations of which we are made, and which reflect our own atomic, molecular and cellular structure.

Overtone singing, when practiced with intention, can serve as a very powerful tool for vibrational “repatterning”, in other words, a way of re-programming our physical, mental and emotional bodies with a more harmonious, natural, “in tune” pattern. The beauty of this miraculous technique is that it bypasses the intellectual mind and goes right through to one’s essential being without being first analyzed.

Come & join Paul Grosso aka Musical Mindset & explore your own inner voice. We will start with the Overtone teaching & practice then continue with Sound bath Healing Meditation where Paul will shower us with his Music. You will leave feeling light, relaxed & awakened.
About Paul:
Paul Grosso aka Musical Mindset is a musician who is defined by raw talent and authenticity. The enigma is at the center of a new era in Healing Music and world music. Born in Chicago, Paul seeks to help people find their true selves and unlock and fulfill their true potential.Paul’s story is rooted in pain as he battled illness for over 7 years. His skin was afflicted and modern medicine seemed to fail, but as Paul found his path to healing he also founded Musical Mindset, his alter ego that would create timeless works of art as well as a healing and wellness program that seeks to tell stories and move people in purpose and Healing. He sees music as a canvas on which to articulate his thoughts and create bridges for a higher plane of existence. For Paul music is an art form that is reflective of his experiences, and by using his gift he can fully express himself and deliver a musical experience that is unique, engaging, and relatable. Paul is certified in music sound healing with a 200-hour training in Spain. He has studied and learned from different medicine man from all over world. He continues to be a student surrendering to the knowledge of the plants and wisdom of the elders/ indigenous tribes he follows.

His music is really about everyday life and expressing himself and influencing people to leave their comfort zone and find who they really are and not be defined by society or fear.

Paul has numerous projects which will connect with audiences on a deeper level and drive introspective conversation, meditation and healing. Paul’s music is filled with relatable topics that are grounded in reality and he maintains an authentic feel despite a modern trendy sound, his music is still filled with emotional undertones.

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Learn more about Paul on his website Musical Mindset and follow Musical Mindset on Facebook and Insight Timer.Music events and more click below:



Dec 04 2022


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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