Teachings with Yogi Ashokananda Self Healing & Awakening

Teachings with Yogi Ashokananda Self Healing & Awakening

Pranayama & Chakra Meditation 6:30pm-8:00pm

Yogi will guide you through very specific pranayama techniques, using the breath and sounds to stimulate and awaken the energy in the chakras releasing any blocked energy to create energetic alignment.

Leading into chakra meditation to raise and align the vibration of the chakras.

Chakra meditation uses mantra and breath to stimulate and soothe the energy of the chakras and prepare the nervous system for kundalini to rise.  The flow of energy through each chakra is increased to affect the elements within different parts of the body relating to the properties of each chakra.  The ultimate effect brings many physical and psychological benefits which can only be felt by experiencing this wonderful process.

The result is felt on every level – on a physical level, this meditation is one of the best antidotes for depression, stress and insomnia. It is good for balancing blood pressure, for heart problems and positively affects the nervous system. The cardiovascular practice also takes you to a state of meditation and tranquility. On an emotional and spiritual level, you will experience renewal and transformation.


Aug 30 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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