The secret of Chakana

The secret of Chakana

In this lecture Silvia will explain extensively about the layers of the Chakana, the Andean cross. She will expand on its symbolic meanings, including the significance of Amaru, the snake, as symbol of the purest, original, feminine energy. In her perspective, feminine power and energy is of major importance in this time and she will explain why this is the case. Understanding these powerful symbols is crucial for any healer in the Andean tradition.
Men and Women both welcome.
Silvia Calisaya Chuquimia is a traditional Aymara spiritual healer, teacher, and direct descendant of the pre-Incan people who still inhabit the southern Lake Titicaca region. Silvia was born and raised in a small highland village. She left when she was a young woman to pursue her education and professional life, but later returned to the traditional spiritual teachings of her people. She is an expert in the ancient art of reading coca leaves for divination and healing, and is the proprietor of the Coca Leaf Museum in Puno, Peru. Coca is a sacred plant for the inhabitants of the Andes, which is still held in veneration among the indigenous and mestizo peoples of South America.
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Apr 01 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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