Womens Temple

Womens Temple

Unconditional love and kindness Temple: the intention for the next women’s temple, please bring your journal.

Can you feel tenderness towards self?

Loving Kindness, can you notice its soft, tender accepting, allowing, gracious, qualities of how kindness towards yourself shows itself?

Unconditional love and kindness, beautiful expression from the heart from the deeper place, its transformative and its very important stage towards an awakened state.

What is happening between your two ears?

Can we remember to be unconditionally loving and kind towards yourself. I experience the resonance of my higher self though loving kindness feelings of joy, contentment devotion, passion and vitality. Every step we take towards self love and kindness we magnetize , the support, synchronicities and miracles that await, we do this together sisters. music, sacred mantras, sage, flowers, candles, prayer, anointing and sisterhood connection.

Cost: $45


Apr 02 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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