Gosia Ryzewska

Yoga Teacher

Gosia Ryzewska is an experienced yoga teacher and devoted student of Kriya Yoga, which focuses on self study, self-control, purification and meditative attunement. She teaches a variety of classes, workshops, and in the past was assisting and co-teaching teacher training. Her focus is on proper alignment, movement of energy, and breath, as it is a necessary tool to enter deeper layers of our being.

She graduated from Temple Kriya Yoga programs and has been teaching since 2006 .

Her approach takes her students on the journey through self-exploration, which is significant in developing a deeper understanding of transcending everyday consciousness.

Gosia’s love for Vedic studies, chanting and sounds of singing bowls will be experienced in her classes as well.

*Open Level*

Schedule: Wednesdays- 7pm & Saturdays- 9am.

Drop in: $22

10 classes pack: $200

25 classes pack: $380

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