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Tai Chi Park Ridge, IL

Tai Chi programs available at our facility have brought improvements and better health to the lives of many people. Our goal is simply to make the wonderful benefits of this ancient practice accessible to all regardless of their age, abilities or physical state. Exercising the mind, the body and the spirit can work wonders – join us and experience this for yourself! The practice of Tai Chi Park Ridge can bring improvement to balance, muscle strength, flexibility and benefits basic bodily functions like breathing and the immune system. It can also lower anxiety and depression and even help you sleep better at night.

Tai Chi Park Ridge

Whether you are new to Tai Chi or if you’ve been practicing it for a long time, you will find excellent resources here at Northshore Healing Centre that will enable you to continue benefitting from this remarkable exercise.

A Quick Background On Tai Chi Park Ridge

Tai chi is a slow, fluid sequence of movements that promote a serene mental focus while developing strength in the legs and building stamina and stability. Perfectly suited for increasing endurance and coordination, tai chi produces an efficiency in the body’s movement and efforts. Tai Chi is basically a form of energy cultivation for maintaining a healthy body, spirit and mind. It can be applied to most anything you do – including interactions with other people.

The origins of Tai Chi stems from ancient China around the 13th century as a mix of martial arts exercises and stationary meditation. Taoist philosophies were central to Chinese culture for hundreds of years and served as an influence in the ongoing development of Tai Chi. According to the Tao perspective, living basically, remaining quiet and willing to move along with the flow of things generates a harmonious lifestyle. Tai Chi Park Ridge has also evolved as a self-defense application which implements mind, body and spirit to function in tune with the exterior world. Instead of being in a state of tension, aggressive and applying force, Tai Chi Park Ridge is an effective martial art that cultivates a pathway of peace

An Overview of the Benefits of Tai Chi Park Ridge – Northshore Healing Centre

The movements involved in Tai Chi Park Ridge are generally slow-paced, gentle and will not leave you out of breath. They’re designed to address the primary components of good conditioning like muscle tone, flexibility, balance and – to a slightly lesser degree – aerobics.

Muscle strength. Tai Chi can help improve your lower and upper-body strength. When it is practiced consistently, some of the benefits of Tai Chi can be compared to those of resistance training and power walking.
Flexibility. Tai Chi can improve lower and upper body flexibility in addition to strength.
Balance. Tai Chi can help improve your balance and reduce falls because it helps your ability to sense the position of your body in space, which is something that can decline as we age. Tai Chi Park Ridge helps sharpen this sense, which is basically a functioning of the sensory neurons located in the inner ear and the stretch receptors found within muscles and ligaments. Because it also develops muscle strength and flexibility, tai chi helps one recover from a fall too.
Aerobics. Based upon the pace and dimensions of the movements, Tai Chi Park Ridge can result in aerobic benefits. This can be supplemented by aerobic activities outside of your tai chi classes as well.

Classes and general Tai Chi Park Ridge information is available at Northshore Healing Centre – give us a call today and discover how you can benefit from our amazing programs at 847-657-1600.