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Chinese Medicine

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Chinese Medicine is among the oldest systems of medicine in the world, with recorded applications of it stretching as far back as four thousand years ago. This is in contrast to contemporary practices of Western health care, which have not been in practice for nearly as long. The American Medical Association, for example, was established in 1847, which was thousands of years after some of the earliest applications of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is founded in part on the notion that humans exist in a universe where all things share a connection. When something affects one area of the body, it also affects every other area of the body too. From this standpoint, the mind and body are each viewed as part of an overall energy system. Likewise, bodily organs are viewed as structures that are interconnected and working together so the body continues to function

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One of the concepts central to Chinese Medicine is Qi – pronounced “chi.” Considered an essential life force that’s responsible the function of the mind and body, Qi moves through the body via pathways called meridians. When the flow of qi is out of balance the result can be illness. To resolve the illness, the healthy flow of Qi must be restored to correct balance. Within the Chinese Medicine strategy is the understanding that all creation stems from the combination of two opposing energies: yin and yang. It is the harmony of these two energies that stimulates wellness, while discord between the energies can lead to illnesses. Fundamentally, the chief strategy of Chinese Medicine is to establish harmony.

Though acupuncture is among the most widely practiced components of traditional Chinese Medicine, it is only one of several modalities that can help our patients attain a state of health and wellness. In addition to acupuncture, our treatments also incorporates techniques like acupressure, herbal medicine, healing touch, massage therapy, meditation, reflexology, dietary changes and several more.


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