Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing

Northshore Healing Centre – Energetic Healing

With Maria $170 for 90 mins
Reiki with Tom $80 for 45-60 mins
With Kelly Kay $150 for 90 mins

Energetic Healing is the applied, focused utilization of therapeutic modalities for the benefit of our clients on emotional levels in addition to their general wellness. Trauma, emotional stressors, false beliefs, physical illnesses and other obstructions to positive personal development can be located within the energy fields of our own bodies, having an influence on our abilities to function at our fullest potential.

Energetic Healing supports the body’s healing abilities by clearing away obstructions and rebalancing energy fields. This enables the body to achieve its best levels of balance and tap into its own ability for healing.

Energetic Healing is helpful for identifying health issues before they can develop into something worse within the physical body. It opens up our consciousness to areas we should work through to heal in order to move our lives into a state of balance and vitality. Energetic Healing is a broad term for any form of therapy that aims to manage the energy pathways in our physical bodies to restore balance and support our interior healing processes.

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

Among the more widely-known therapeutic practices that can be categorized under the general heading of “energetic healing” are reiki, thought field therapy, reflexology, kinesiology and acupuncture. It can also entail other known natural therapies like chakra balancing, crystal healing, flower and vibration essences, color therapy, spiritual healing and forms of bodywork. Practitioners of healing are often educated in a variety of modalities and may apply them in combinations in their own distinctive ways. Many practitioners will blend their intuitive abilities with their practical abilities.

The healing adheres to a holistic strategy that extends past the physical realm to manipulate the underlying energy systems such as meridians, auric bodies and chakras where the causes of the illnesses may be located.

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