Energy Light Rejuvenation™


Energy Light Rejuvenation™


Northshore Healing Centre – Energy Light Rejuvenation™

ELR the future skincare technology!!! Take your beauty to the Next Level!!!

Energy Light Rejuvenation™ (ELR) is a safe, healthy way to reveal your natural looks and turn back the hands of time without harsh chemicals and invasive cutting. It promotes vibrations through electrical micro-currents and through wavelengths of colored light. These vibrations keep your skin toned, its texture healthy, and its circulation increased. The goal of this Vibrational Beauty is balance, and inner balance leads to lasting outer beauty.

ELR™ provides a customized treatment for each individual guest. By stimulating the acupuncture points, communication is delivered to the entire body. By adding color to the specific frequencies, the flow of energy and information travel through the body providing physical health, beauty, and relaxation to each guest. This combination of micro-current and customized colored light provides a facial rejuvenation treatment that not only significantly improves the appearance of your face but also promotes good health and vibrant energy as well through positive whole-body effects.

What To Expect:

A Facial Rejuvenation session lasts one hour. This very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment consists of 7 phases. Warm moist facial towels are applied between treatment phases which are performed with a microcurrent device and light generator (AcutronTM). The treatment phases include various techniques using cotton-tipped probes, pads during the gentle massage phase, mudd mask, and bar electrodes.

In each phase of treatment, microcurrent and light are applied to different points and lines on the face, in conjunction with specially formulated organic skin care products designed for use with vibrational electrical and light therapies. The skin care products include an aloe-based bio-electric gel, cleanser, mudd mask and organic moisturizers.

Energy Light Rejuvenation is the perfect renewal remedy for those who want to hold the hands of time and age at her (or hid!) own pace.


What are the Intended effects of facial rejuvenation?

  • wrinkle reduction
  • adjustment of facial muscle tone to more youthful firmness to reduce or eliminate sagging areas
  • normalization of skin coloration to more healthy hues
  • reduction or elimination of acne, blemishes and age spots
  • increase in collagen and elastin production to fill out and contour the face facilitating a healthy, vibrant glow to the face
  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

How Many ELR Sessions are needed?

Each person is different and has unique goals and needs. Generally speaking, 10-20 sessions are recommended. You will notice a difference in how you look and feel after the first treatment. By the 3rd to 4th treatment, your friends and family will begin to notice changes. The lasting and more dramatic effects are generally seen by the 9th and 10th treatments. We recommend the first 10 sessions be received twice weekly and the following 10 sessions spaced from weekly to monthly, depending on each person’s needs.

Is the Treatment Uncomfortable?

This is the most relaxing facial treatment you will ever receive! Many people fall asleep during these sessions, then wake feeling and looking as if they have had a great rest. Unlike many traditional medical esthetic treatments, this is a non-invasive and painless treatment designed to cleanse, revitalize, and nourish the skin. During some of the phases of treatment, you may notice a tingling or prickling sensation, which we adjust to your comfort level.

How does ELR work?

Lines and acupuncture points on the face and other body regions are stimulated with a combination of low-frequency microcurrent electrical stimulation and color light. Microcurrents work directly on the nerves, muscles fibers and blood circulation, and promotes collagen and elastin production. Color light works by enhancing subtle regulatory and cellular communication systems throughout the body.

The lifting and rejuvenating effects on the face take place through adjustment of muscle tone, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, stimulation of collagen production and adjustment of the energy meridian circuits that connect the face with the viscera.

Microcurrent facials offer some or all of the following effects:

  • Improve and balance muscle tension (tone) to more youthful tautness. This could involve relaxation (yin) effefor tense muscles or toning (yang) effects for slack muscles or fascia.
  • Improve circulation of qi, blood and fluids (lymph) in the face and other body areas. This provides better nutrition for the cells, carries away waste more efficiently and reveals natural beauty and radiance in the face.
  • Promote healing and anti-inflammatory effects for skin lesions, acne, rosacea and other skin irritations.
  • Bring more Shen, or Spirit into the eyes.
  • Help release neuro-peptides that promote feelings of well-being on a physical and emotional level. This is reflected in the beauty of the face.
  • Stimulate whole-body benefits through micro-system effects on facial zones that connect with internal organs and body systems.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.