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Healing Dance


Healing Dance


Northshore Healing Centre – Healing Dance

Healing dance – classes that lead us into discovering our true selves through dance, and help us to get to know our bodies, emotions, feelings, fears but also find joy in peace and harmony. It is a dance for the soul and the body.

Through dance we can recognize our blockages in the body and make them resolve, we can express ourselves, our emotions, everything that is inside us and around us. Healing dance is a dance that is intuitive, a spontaneous dance that comes out of us.

It cleanses the body of solid blockades, releases the mind, and lets us be present in this moment (a kind of meditation). It introduces us to the unknown beautiful magical regions of ourselves. I welcome all of you.

Healing dance for kids – classes that bring children into the world of dance, music, imagination. This series develops the body and a sense of rhythm.

It allows the children to get to know themselves and see the possibilities that dormant in them. Healing dance is a free, spontaneous dance that develops the movement, but it’s not limited to just that.

Musical instruments are used in classes. I would love to recommend that class for your child.

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Medicine


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