Mindfulness Training For Children

Mindfulness Training For Children

Northshore Healing Centre – Mindfulness Training For Children

Mindfulness offers many benefits to children of all ages. Basically the simple practice of applying a gentle and accepting attitude to the present moment, mindfulness can also benefit parents and caregivers as well as because it promotes happiness and relieves stress. At the Northshore Healing Centre, we offer Mindfulness Training For Children that involves activities that develop focus, compassion, curiosity and empathy. Plus, children will have a lot of fun too!

Why Kids Can Benefit From Mindfulness Training

From our earliest moments of life, mindfulness can be effective for diminishing anxiety and increasing happiness. As kids grow and develop through adolescence and into their teens, life tends to get busier and more complicated. Forming relationships, the challenges of school and developing their own independence can create stress for every child.

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At every developmental stage, Mindfulness Training For Children presents a tool for managing anxiety and enhancing happiness. Mindfulness — a technique that puts and emphasis on paying attention to the present — continues to emerged as a popular practice for kids of all ages. After all, children are well- suited to benefit from mindfulness practices. The habits formed when we’re young will then inform behaviors as become adults. With mindfulness, it’s possible to give children the positive habits that can help them throughout their lives.

A Quick Example of Mindfulness Training

For anyone who is feeling upset and out of place with the present moment, there is a popular, helpful mindfulness exercise called S.T.O.P.

  • Stop. Simply take pause for a moment regardless of what you are doing.
  • Take a breath. Note the sensation of taking a breath. This basic act brings us back to the present moment.
  • Observe. Acknowledge what’s occurring – whether it’s good or bad, inside of you or outside of you. Simply make note of it.
  • Proceed. Now that you have “checked in” with the present moment, get back to whatever it was you were doing.

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