Stress Reduction Workshops

Stress Reduction Workshops

Northshore Healing Centre – Stress Reduction Workshops

People experience stress differently and it affects our mental and physical health in different ways. Stress that you find tolerable can assist you in remaining energetic and alert. However, when stress becomes intolerable it can be hazardous to your well-being, mood, productivity and relationships. At Northshore Healing Centre, we offer Stress Reduction Workshops where you can discover plenty of healthy, effective ways for finding relief and reducing those harmful effects.

Stress is the body’s way of reacting to kinds of demands or threats. When you sense something may be potentially dangerous, the body “changes gears” into an automatic “fight-or-flight” reaction. The stress response is how the body protects itself. When functioning correctly, stress can help you stay alert and focused. In emergency circumstances, stress be a life saver by, for example, spurring you to hit your car’s brakes at the right moment to avoid a crash. But, after a certain point and in many other situations, stress is no longer helpful and can begin to have a negative impact in many aspects of our lives

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Stress Reduction Workshops at Northshore Healing Centre

While it is probably not possible to eliminate stress from your daily life completely, it is possible to learn techniques at our workshops that will help you can control how stress affects you. Relaxation strategies, for instance, like meditation and deep breathing, can activate your body’s relaxation responses which are basically a state of restfulness that’s the opposite of a stress response. When these are practiced consistently, they can lower your daily stress levels and increase feelings of joy and calmness. Additionally, they can enhance your ability to remain calm under pressure.

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