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Tai Chi


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With origins in ancient China, Tai Chi is an exercise for the general wellness of both body and mind. While it is an art calling for extensive knowledge and ability, Tai Chi is not difficult to learn and for many people it becomes an enjoyable journey that can continues for a lifetime.

There are a number of style and forms of Tai Chi, with each having its own distinct features. Most styles, though, share the common principles of fluidity of movement, breath control and mental concentration.

The main focus is to permit one’s life force – our Qi – to flow throughout the body. Harmony of the inner and outer selves results from integrating the mind and body, which is attained through the practice of Tai Chi.

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

Some of the benefits of Tai Chi include:

  • *It’s for everyone. it can be practiced by anyone of most any age and physical condition
  • *Improve strength and endurance. The Chi service offers significant benefits with respect to balance, muscular strength, stamina and flexibility – particularly for adults in middle age or older
  • *Asthma relief. Its focus on good breathing techniques makes this quite beneficial for those who suffer from asthma
  • *Fibromyalgia relief. Fibromyalgia is among the most commonly reported musculoskeletal disorders. It is associated with health problems and painful symptoms. Research has discovered that sufferers of fibromyalgia who practice this service a couple times per week for at least a few months can see an improvement in their health and quality of life
  • *Aerobic capacity improvement. Aerobic capacity typically declines as we grow older, but research has also revealed that people who practice regularly can improve their aerobic capacity and overall stamina.
  • *Stress relief. The breathing, fluid movements and concentration practiced are an ideal way to relieve the stressors we encounter in daily life.

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